Beach – Trekking – Travelling – slide-n-lock is your ideal companion.

Have you ever been concerned about keeping your money, valuables, credit card, camera, phone, etc safe while travelling on the beach or while trekking – now using a suitable bag – you can store anything and seal the bag with a slide-n-lock and be assured it will be safe from sand, sea, moisture, spillages, etc.

If you are trekking and would like to carry a water, juice or other liquids, use a suitable bag and seal with slide-n-lock and carry it with you.  One can also use it as a water pillow, cushion, etc.

Organise all your travelling needs neatly – store toiletries, flip-flops and other accessories separately and arrange all of them using a slide-n-lock making it most efficient to find and use them and store them back in their relevant bags without having to rummage through the entire suitcase.

Now you wonder how you ever did without this!

Share with us the various uses you can think of – write back to us at – – the best user idea can win a set of slide-n-locks for free.